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travel, over, 50s, wellbeing, health, happiness
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About Us

We are three sisters who are looking for a simpler, less complicated life in a world that sometimes seems overwhelming.  Each of us have challenges, passions, goals, personal roadblocks, laugh out loud moments, dark thoughts, crazy dogs and stories to tell – just like anyone out there!


Our twenties and thirties are behind us. Some of us are cursing gravity. Okay, mainly Kat, and she’s trying to cultivate an attitude of “I care not!” but that’s hard to maintain after thirty minutes of trying on jeans in a flat-stomached world.  We all have day jobs, mortgages and travel stories.  We want to do something for ourselves, and this is our place to be creative, honest, sarcastic (on occasion…), to have a laugh or cry and maybe find some like-minded people along the way.



Contact & collaborations

Do you have a service or product we’d love?  Are you involved with activities that would be a good fit for us?  Could we be part of a collaboration or event?  Do you have great ideas or stories we could work with?


Not every idea will be right for us, but we’d to happy to hear from you if our site is right for you.